About us

While I am partly based out of my home in Belgium, I have drawn inspiration from the picturesque sea-side villages of my home-province Bohuslän, in Sweden. Although the area experiences nice warm summers, it is also not a stranger to frequent year-round rainstorms from the north Atlantic. Over millennia, the inhabitants of the province grew accustomed to the shifting climate by crafting robust wool-apparel for everyday use. Today, Bohuslän is frequented each summer by thousands of domestic and international tourists, enjoying watersports, sea-side cuisine and the untouched nature. 

The Wool of Nelson brand began in my teens, reflecting my passion for the arts and crafts. Learning to sew, crochet and knit was part of the middle school program in Sweden in the 80'. In addition, my mother used to knit and sew most of our clothes (including full ski outfits) and she LOVED doing it. I started knitting traditional beanies and sweaters already back 1987 but university and family life took over. I became a dentist and moved to Belgium in the late 90s'. In 2010 I was reorganising a cupboard full of small chunks of old yarns from 87 and decided to knit them together to cover up an old chair. That was the rebirth of Wool of Nelson and I have been knitting since then. 

Today, assisted by my two daughters, our goal is to create unique knitwear pieces that are not only bound by style and function, but also takes our commitment seriously to deliver you a consciously designed product that will last you many years.